005I Suzuki 400 Burgman BLEMISHED Driver's Backrest

005I Suzuki 400 Burgman BLEMISHED Driver's Backrest
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  • Item #: 005I 400 Burgman Blem
  • Manufacturer: Bestbackrests.com, LLC
This product is an opportunity to save $10.00 from our regular priced model for the 400. It is blemished which means that the unit is not perfect and often contains scratches or a cut in the vinyl under the paint that are usually not noticeable at 10 feet from the unit. If you do not mind not having a perfect backrest, this may be for you. The item is otherwise exactly as described under the Burgman 400 Driver's backrest page. The bleish in no way impacts on the function of the backrest. If you have a 2018 or 2019 and would like a Bestbackrest, this will NOT fit. However, we are looking for a customer in the lower 48, USA who has one who is willing to work with us so we can offer one. If you would one at half the retail price and are willing to give us easy to furnish dimensions, test try fittage, etc, please send us an email indicating so to customerservice@bestbackrests.com.
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